Average Price of a Cottage on the Big Muskoka Lakes

August 13, 2018

Average, Median and Number of Units Sold for Lake Muskoka, Rosseau, Joseph, Lake of Bays and the Huntsville Lakes.

Ever wonder what the average cottage price is on the BIG lakes in Muskoka? I've included some details below, as well the median price and number of units sold. Unit sales YOY increased substantially at over 28%. The most notable change in unit sales was with the Huntsville lakes with an increase of over 76%, but average and median price remained fairly flat YOY. I attribute this large increase in unit sales to the growing demographic of Baby Boomers moving to Muskoka and wanting to settle close to a larger town and at a reasonable price. Lake Muskoka saw little change YOY in average and median price as well. Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau have always been neck-and-neck, but in 2015 Lake Joe had a very high cottage sale over $10,000,000 driving that lakes average price higher, 2016 shows the prices evening out. 

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