Fairy Lake, Muskoka

April 16, 2019

Fairy Lake, Muskoka

Fairy Lake is one of the more developed lakes in the Muskoka area. Known as the Gateway to Algonquin Park, Fairy Lake offers an incredible backdrop of natural beauty and scenic views from every corner. Popular amongst locals due to the close proximity to Huntsville and all its comforts and amenities, Fairy Lake provides a wide variety of activities and experiences, all easily accessible via boat, canoe, car or even bike.

Fairy Lake History

Fairy Lake is situated in the Town of Huntsville, in the District of Muskoka in Ontario. The lake was named in 1853 by surveyor Alexander Murray, who saw the incredible beauty of the lake and wanted its name to reflect it.

Fairy Lake is home to the Fairy Lake Association; A group of members who are dedicated to preserving and protecting Fairy Lake and its surrounding lands. This is executed by creating initiatives to sustain the health and the quality of life, and therefore making it a popular choice for residents who want to call their lake house their permanent home. In fact, 2/3 of property owners on the lake are permanent residents.

Lake Facts

The shoreline of Fairy Lake is heavily developed and populated by a range of commercial, urban, and residential. The area has also seen a number of new large developments and changes such as the expansion of a major highway, which prompted the creation of the Fairy Lake Plan. This plan was developed in coordination with the Fairy Lake Association, a newly formed Lake Plan Committee, as well as some assistance from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

This gorgeous lake spans approximately 10kms long and has a perimeter of about 22kms. The Lake has a maximum depth of 69 metres, which is the deepest of the “Huntsville Lakes.” In addition, Fairy Lake is connected to Lake Vernon and Peninsula Lake giving you access to over 60kms of boating, as well as easy access to boat launches, full service marinas, and shopping and dining at many fine establishments in downtown Huntsville – Just some of the amenities that make Fairy Lake so desirable.

Things to Do

The location of Fairy Lake and its close proximity to downtown Huntsville provides a number of locations to take advantage of the lake and its beauty. The 1.3km Lions Lookout Hiking Trail (accessed via Forbes Hill) gives stunning panoramic views of Fairy Lake as well as the quaint Main Street of Huntsville. With a moderate difficulty rating, this trail may not suit everyone, but the lookout point is directly accessible by vehicle as well.

If you prefer something a little more relaxing, Deerhurst Resorts’ famous, high-end championship Highlands Golf Course offers breathtaking views of Fairy Lake and a setting that is sure to impress.

Just a short paddle from Fairy Lake, the town docks, in the heart of downtown Huntsville, is another great place to appreciate the beauty of the lake. Offering short term docking spaces for boaters who stop to take advantage of some of the award winning restaurants, and unique shops that Huntsville has to offer. Also offered are kayak, paddle board, and canoe rentals just steps from the waterfront for the more adventurous guests.


The deep, cold water habitats of Fairy Lake provide for an abundant, and wide variety of fish species. Major species include Lake Trout, Lake Whitefish, Cisco, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye, as well as a number of other less populated species. Public access to Fairy Lake can be gained from the public boat launch on the Muskoka River in Huntsville.

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When to Visit

Due to the easy accessibility of Fairy Lake, there are plenty of activities to enjoy year-round, for all ages. From canoeing and swimming in the warmer months, to hiking and picturesque views in the fall, and the ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter months, Fairy Lake has it all.

Real Estate on Fairy Lake

Fairy Lake is considered one of Huntsville’s jewels, and that is evident by the number of residents who call their Fairy Lake property their permanent residence.  With the beauty and privacy of the lake it is no surprise that it is so highly desired amongst both cottagers and homeowners alike. Due to the high demand, homes and cottages on Fairy Lake are not always readily available, and vacant lots are becoming fewer as development continues to flourish.