How to Get Top Dollar For Your Muskoka Cottage – Seller Tips

August 16, 2018

Top Dollar For Your Muskoka Cottage

It is now spring in Muskoka and the countdown has begun for weekend dock days and songs by the campfire. As the area’s peak season approaches and snow begins to disappear, more and more Muskoka cottages are coming onto the market. If you are considering listing your Muskoka cottage, now is the time to get started; potential buyers are already starting their search to own a piece of Muskoka real estate. Before listing your cottage however, it is important to address the factors that could lead to the property’s depreciation in value. Here are some suggestions to raise the value of your property without spending thousands; giving you return on investment and more interested buyers.


If you are still unsure with what to do to your cottage after reading this blog or if you just need some inspiration, consider contacting The Aben Team and arranging for an agent to come by your home or cottage. With superior knowledge in real estate and professional staging, Mark and John will help you determine where exactly your home improvements should begin.

New Paint Jobs

The exterior of your cottage is the first thing potential buyers will see when they go to see your house. Therefore the it is the cottage’s first opportunity to make a good impression. You can never go wrong with neutral colours for the outside of your cottage; it keeps your property looking modern and appeals to as many people as possible. Bold colours can easily become outdated and can negatively stick out in a neighborhood, whereas neutral colours allow buyers to better imagine themselves living in your home by depersonalizing it. It is the same for your cottage’s interior; neutral or light colours brighten and enlarge rooms to make it feel as though they are more spacious than they are. While changing paint colour is often a good idea, it can also be of benefit to remove peeling paint or wallpaper to make the house look clean, up-to-date and properly maintained. If you have the inclination and time do so, painting yourself does save money, but a rough paint job does not. If you lack the skill, consider hiring a professional to take care of your painting needs; shaky lines and over brushing can easily turn off potential buyers. For a list of painting mistakes you don’t want to make, click here.


As previously mentioned, the exterior of your home is the first thing people looking at your house will see; whether it be online or in person. This is why having presentable front and backyards attracts more buyers. A landscaping company can easily fix up flower beds with mulch, stones and plants, make your lawn look healthy and green, and can prune shrubs and trees; making the cottage look better for pictures from the water and from the road. The Aben Team would be happy to help find you a reputable landscaper for whatever task you need accomplished.

Carpet Removal

Carpets are definitely a thing of the past and this is noticed by anybody who stumbles across a stained rug during a home showing. Over time, carpets accumulate dust and debris despite being vacuumed all the time, which can lead to poorer air quality within a home. Replacing old carpets with hardwood flooring, laminate flooring or tile can significantly increase the value of your home and make it safer for those living in it.

Home Inspectors

When potential buyers are looking for a cottage, they often look for properties that require minimal amounts of work. Why come to Muskoka in the summer if you still have to work when you finally get here? This is why taking care of unappealing tasks is recommended before putting your home or cottage on the market. Upward to $500, a home inspector is recommended to help you determine whether your cottage has any hidden complications. Although a home may look pristine, there can often be hidden defects acting as deterrents to potential buyers. Such deterrents include: damp basements, deteriorating roofs and inadequate electrical systems. To know exactly what needs to be fixed and to avoid a conditional offer crumbling because of something unforeseen, hiring an inspector can help you find the problems before potential buyers do. Besides, catching a problem early can save both you and the future owners of your home money. Additionally, in the event of multiple offers, buyers can have additional assurance as to the condition of the home or cottage. Here is a list of home inspectors in the Muskoka region:

Amerispec of Muskoka

Top to Bottom Home and Property Inspections

Clearview Home Inspection

A Buyers Choice Home Inspection

Muskoka Kennedy’s Home Inspections

BCS Home Inspection Services

Muskoka Home Inspections

Cottage Country Home Inspections

Done Right Home Inspections

Pillar to Post Home Inspections

Lighthouse Inspections

Greenlight Home Inspection Services

Freshening Things Up

A new, modern light fixture in your dining room can add character to your home and brighten things up. Not only can a new light revamp your dining room, but your living room too. A ceiling fan is a great option for any living room, as it provides light and air on hot days. Ceiling fans are an alternative to air conditioning and home buyers are always looking to save money on utility costs when purchasing a home.

Kitchen Renos

Any kitchen renovations in your cottage are worthwhile investments; kitchen renos increase the amount of money buyers are willing to pay for your home. If a full kitchen reno (ie. counter, cabinets, appliances, etc.) is not in the budget, tackling certain aspects of the kitchen will still help. Whether you decide to redo the backsplash, replace existing appliances or replace your faucets, kitchen improvements are always advantageous.

Septic Inspectors

Determining the condition of your existing septic system is a base that always needs to be covered when it comes to selling your cottage in a rural area. With a new septic system costing upward to $15000, don’t expect an offer on your cottage to become firm if you have a failing septic system. A septic inspector will thoroughly inspect your septic system by running a series of tests and will determine whether it is to regional code. If you choose not to use a home inspector to inspect your septic, there are plenty of reputable septic-specific inspectors in the area; The Aben Team would be happy to refer you to one.

Bathroom Tips

While renovating your bathroom can quickly become costly, you can usually replace outdated, unattractive fixtures or faucets at relatively low costs without having to gut your entire bathroom. Replacing old shower heads, ugly light fixtures or leaky taps can add value to your home by making a bathroom look and feel newer than it is. Repainting or removing wallpaper is also a good idea if what’s on the walls is an eyesore.


By depersonalizing your cottage, potential buyers have an easier time envisioning their lives within your home. This means you should remove any photos or items that would cause people viewing your home to feel intrusive. As alternative decor, use paintings or pictures that are very neutral and uncontroversial.


By decluttering your living quarters and rearranging furniture in any home or cottage, rooms have the potential to look much larger than they are; an attractable feature for potential buyers. Storage bins and units are excellent in organizing and concealing possessions and often add to the decor of a home; mirrors can aid in opening up a room by making it appear as though there is twice as much space; and large curtains or draperies can be replaced with blinds to create additional floor room. If you don’t know where to begin, contact The Aben Team! They offer professional staging and can give suggestions to make your home feel exceptionally inviting and tidy.

Cleanliness Counts

For a few hundred dollars you can hire a cleaning service to clean your cottage top-to-bottom. Cleanliness is a huge factor when it comes to buying a home and buyers feel much more comfortable when they know they are purchasing their home from people who really take care of their things. For a cleaning service suiting your needs contact The Aben Team.

Hopefully after reading this article you can now identify ways in which you can increase the value of your cottage. If you have any questions regarding your Muskoka real estate needs, or if you’re thinking of selling your Muskoka cottage, The Aben Team is always available to help. Contact The Aben Team today or call their office at 1-844-843-2236 and find out why they’re the best option when it comes to listing your property in Muskoka.