Lake Muskoka, Muskoka Lakes

July 20, 2018

Lake Muskoka is where Canadians and people from around the world go to get away from it all. As the crown jewel of Ontario’s Muskoka Lakes region, Lake Muskoka is a natural place to invest in waterfront cottages. Muskoka real estate has something for everyone, but the best way to decide what you need is by spending some time in this gorgeous region. As the largest lake in the area, Lake Muskoka is a must-see. It boasts clear water, exceptional fishing opportunities, extensive amounts of shoreline and many other exciting features. Learn more about this charming lake and what it has to offer below.

A Brief History of Lake Muskoka

Although it seems like Lake Muskoka has been the go-to vacation destination for eons, its popularity has only been a blip on the radar. For centuries, this picturesque lake was primarily inhabited by First Nations People. Most notably, the Huron and Algonquin tribes called the shores of Lake Muskoka home. The name of the lake, which is also the name of the entire region, is believed to be derived from Mesqua Ukee, who was the chief of the local Chippewa tribe. Mesqua Ukee authorized the sale of more than 250,000 kilometers of land to Ontario, which paved the way for additional settlements.

While hunting, trapping and fishing were conducted at Lake Muskoka for many years, the arrival of a railroad, steamships and paved roads prompted more people to spend time there. The Free Grants and Homestead Act of 1868 also encouraged people to settle at Lake Muskoka. It wasn’t until after World War II, however, that the average Canadian could afford a summer home in this area. Since then, Lake Muskoka has been a very popular vacation destination, and there are always plenty of cottages for sale.

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Key Facts about Lake Muskoka

Lake Muskoka is the largest inland lake in the Muskoka Lakes region. It covers an area of approximately 12,100 hectares and has a perimeter of about 269 kilometers. It stretches down 73 meters at its deepest point and has an average depth of about 18 meters. In terms of clarity, you can generally see down about 3.5 meters. In addition to boasting many waterfront cottages, the lake has several public launches. They can be found in places like Gravenhurst, Milford Bay, Bracebridge and Bala.

Fishing at Lake Muskoka

Fishing is what lured many people to Lake Muskoka in the first place, and it continues to be a wildly popular activity on this glimmering, utterly gorgeous lake. The lake trout population used to be quite robust. During the 1970s, however, it started to decline. Through the efforts of conservation teams, the lake trout population has been somewhat revived. In addition to lake trout, Lake Muskoka boasts species such as walleye, herring, brook trout, rainbow smelt and whitefish. Fishing charters are readily available, and they are great options for those who are relatively inexperienced with fishing in the Lake Muskoka region.

Celebrity Spotting at Lake Muskoka

Celebrities and the well-to-do have been putting Lake Muskoka and the Muskoka Lakes region on the map for some time. It comes as no surprise that so many famous folks own real estate at Lake Muskoka. In addition to checking out the gorgeous scenery in the area, you should be on the lookout for famous people like Eddie Van Halen, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. They’ve all been known to spend time in the area. Lake Muskoka Real Estate With so many kilometers of coastline, there are plenty of cottages for sale at Lake Muskoka. The lake is also home to Millionaire’s Row, which is sometimes referred to as Little Pittsburgh. It’s where some of the most upscale properties in the entire region can be found. You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford waterfront cottages and other properties in this beautiful part of Ontario. There are options for every budget, and people from all over Canada and the world come here to have a great time. With the help of a talented real estate agent, you should be able to find a cottage in the region that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

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When to Visit

Every season offers fun things to see and do at Lake Muskoka. While the vast majority of the people who flock there come during the summer months, the winter, spring and fall all have advantages as well. If you prefer to be at the lake when it’s sparsely populated, the late fall and winter are excellent times to visit. By investing in Lake Muskoka real estate, you will be able to visit whenever you’d like. You won’t have to restrict yourself to a week or two during the summer. With a lakefront cottage on Lake Muskoka, you’ll be able to experience the majesty of every season.

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Things to Do

There are things to see and do in and around Lake Muskoka all year. In addition to enjoying the many fun activities on the lake itself, visitors can avail themselves of the many top-notch golf courses in this stunning area. Lately, a few wineries have been springing up and bringing more excitement to the area. For families, there are plenty of well-maintained public parks; there is even a water park in the immediate area. Those who are thirsty for a little culture will appreciate the many theaters that can be found near Lake Muskoka, and the Muskoka Lakes Museum is another fine choice.