Lake Vernon, Huntsville

April 16, 2019

Lake Vernon is part of the “four lake chain” which also includes Fairy Lake, Peninsula Lake, and Mary Lake and provides over 40 miles of boating enjoyment.  Boasting a healthy variety of plant, fish and wildlife, Lake Vernon maintains much of its original, natural landscape with significant parcels of shoreline yet to be developed.


A Brief History of Lake Vernon

Surveyor John Dennis made the first known visit to the Big East River (which opens to Lake Vernon) in 1860.  Lake Vernon was named by John Dennis after assistant Vernon B. Wadsworth. The lake was official opened for settlement in 1868, giving settlers free 100-acre parcels. Growth of the area was slowed in 1868 when a railway was established, but once construction was completed, it quickly brought tourists and proved to be critical to the economic growth of the area. As the area grew more popular, better roads were established around the lake to keep up with the population expansion. Since then, areas around the lake have continued to be developed making this a popular lake for tourists and cottagers.


Key Facts about Lake Vernon

The maximum water depth of Lake Vernon is approximately 38 metres, and it has a perimeter of 43kms. The mean depth is about 14 meters.  The shores are home to well-known youth camps where guests are treated to the simplistic, relaxing lifestyle that Lake Vernon has to offer. With much of the shoreline undeveloped, this is an area that offers a plenty of potential for future development. Ensuring the preservation of the lake is The Lake Vernon Association; A not-for-profit group consisting mainly of property owners from the areas surrounding Lake Vernon who mandate the environmental health of the lake, and natural habitats. The main focuses of the association are ensuring the protection of the land and the species in, and around the lake.


A wide variety of fish can be found in Lake Vernon.  The most dominant species are lake trout, walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass. Lake trout are stocked to enhance natural reproduction. Warm water species such as bass, pike and walleye now dominate the lake. The lake has proven to be bountiful all seasons of the year, so whether you prefer fishing in a boat, or on the ice, Lake Vernon is a great choice.

Public boat access to Lake Vernon can be gained via Avery Beach Park as well as Hutcheson Beach Park both in Huntsville.

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Things to Do

The activities in the area of Lake Vernon are endless. The Lake is host to annual regattas and fishing tournaments encouraging athletes and fishing enthusiasts of all levels to participate. With close proximity to Huntsville, many public beaches are available, as well as local rental options for canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and a number of other water activities. Known for the clean, sparkling waters, tourists travel from afar to experience Muskoka’s beauty at its finest.

When to Visit

There are plenty of fun things to see and do in and around Lake Vernon all year long. That includes fishing, sightseeing and hiking trails. In the summer, the waterfront cottages fill up with visitors looking for the tranquil lifestyle the Lake Vernon has to offer. Local events are commonly arranged by local groups to promote the lake and its surroundings, and are usually open to anyone wishing to participate. Hutcheson Beach offers a lovely public waterfront, park and public washrooms for a great family afternoon of fun. Camp Tawingo offers nordic skiing trails, and snowshoeing for those looking for a family activity in the winter.

Lake Vernon Real Estate

As with many lakes in Muskoka, development is ongoing and real estate demands are increasing. With connections to 3 other lakes in Muskoka, Lake Vernon has become quite desirable to both cottagers and families looking to make the lake their permanent residence. Properties are often available, but the time spent on market tends to be quite short requiring those interested to act quickly. There are a variety of homes and cottage styles and sizes on Lake Vernon giving options to buyers depending on needs, wants and budget.

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