Luxury Living: What to Expect in Your Muskoka Summer Home

May 14, 2021

When you imagine the perfect summer home, what do you imagine? Do you envision a beautiful luxury cottage by a spectacular lake, surrounded by luscious forest and wildlife? You may think of it as a private space for you, your friends, and your family to retreat during the summer months — a dream home away from home and slightly more off the grid.

We’re The Aben Team — Muskoka real estate agents who specialize in summer cottages in Canada’s beautiful Muskoka region. If you haven’t been here before, you’ve probably heard about it from friends, travellers, or even in the news. A few years ago, The New York Times called this unique Canadian destination the “Malibu of the North” due to the exclusive A-listers who reside on Muskoka’s sunny shores during the summer months. It’s a stunning part of the world that offers luxury living mixed with peaceful tranquillity and a chance to escape the stressors of everyday life.

It’s refreshing to get away from the hectic realities of the city. This part of the world offers rest, solitude, and an opportunity to tune into nature. Furthermore, there are towns scattered all over the Muskoka region, offering everything from fine dining to golf clubs. You’re never bored when you’re with us here in cottage country.

Make Your Dream a Reality

If you’re looking for a chance to get away and experience luxurious summer living, you’ve come to the right place. Cottages in this region are worth millions, and you won’t find such sophisticated opulence anywhere else.

Before you begin your search for a summer home, ask yourself a few questions. Do you enjoy the rustic charm and privacy of lakeside living? Would you also prefer the convenience of being a short drive from lively towns, close to retail shops and community activities? And finally, are you used to living in a certain level of comfort — and expect your summer home to provide a sophisticated lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read on to discover why Muskoka is the summer destination for you.

Relax by the Lake

There are roughly 1600 lakes in Muskoka, and the most popular for cottagers are Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Muskoka — all of which contain some of the most exclusive summer homes in North America. These lakes are called the big three — and elite cottagers from Canada and the US have been coming here since the 1800s.
It’s been a summer hot spot for centuries for a good reason: it’s breathtakingly beautiful. The region has an impressive rugged landscape, full of pine trees, glimmering waters, and granite shores. It’s the ideal place for nature lovers. You’ll wake up in the morning to the soft call of the loon and maybe even see a family of deer run by your kitchen window.

Muskoka homes

Credit: Dakota Monk via Burst 

Enjoy Nature

There’s also so much nature to explore in this neck of the woods. On those days when you want to investigate the natural surroundings, parks and nature preserves are just a short drive from any cottage in the area. For instance, you and the family could take your bicycles up to Hardy Lake Provincial Park one afternoon to check out the luscious community of Atlantic coastal plain species.
Such wildlife resides here because years ago (we’re talking thousands of years back), most of present-day Ontario was submerged beneath glacial and post-glacial lakes. When the ancient Lake Algonquin subsided, it left a community of Atlantic Ocean plants behind. It’s a unique feature of the region that adds to Muskoka’s overall majesty and beauty.

Living the Good Life

The region offers cottagers a combination of quiet family time and a jet-set, leisurely lifestyle. Summer homes on The Big Three Lakes sell anywhere from around $800,000 to well into the millions, and they are well worth it. While relaxing at the cottage is always enjoyable, you can also head into town to experience some of the world-class Muskoka amenities.
For example, there’s The Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club, featuring a 70-par, 18-hole course, three separate tennis courts, a waterfront clubhouse, and private sailing and swimming lessons. Situated on Lake Rosseau, the scenic views alone are enough to make you want to want to play a round or two.

The Standout Features of Luxury Cottages

When you purchase Muskoka property, you’re not merely buying a cottage; you’re investing in a summer home. You can have all of the luxuries you’re used to and more. Check out the listings on our website to see cottages worth over $10 million — with exquisite landscaping, rich woodwork, swimming pools, private sandy beaches, indoor and outdoor hot tubs and saunas, and stunning lake views.
Have you ever visited a friend’s cottage, excited to relax and unwind for a weekend, only to realize that they don’t have a dishwasher (which means there’s dishwashing by hand in your future)? And, the fridge is so small that you can’t even fit the wine you brought as a gift? You won’t have to worry about such things when you work with us at The Aben Team.
You and your family can rely on us to provide the practicalities of modernity, with premium appliances and an abundance of space when you invest in one of our summer homes. We look for homes that amplify your level of comfort, from cathedral-style windows that let in natural light to convenient dishwashers and roomy refrigerators to working fireplaces for those chilly evenings. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the perfect cottage for you and your family.
Our cottages also come with spacious water frontage for boathouses and docks — ideally situated to enjoy exquisite lake views. With a luxury Muskoka property, you’ll be living the good life, both outside and inside the cottage.
Muskoka is a special place. Not only does it provide a luxurious getaway, but it also offers rich culture and exclusive looks into some of the world’s most colourful wildlife. If you’re curious, reach out to The Aben Team anytime to hear about the luxury Muskoka cottages for sale right now. We’re here to make your summer dreams come true.