Making the Move from Toronto to Bracebridge

June 8, 2022

With the Victoria day weekend officially behind us, the official cottage season in the Muskoka region is in full swing, where more visitors from out of town come to relax and unwind with the many activities and sights that the area has to offer.

As many now-permanent residents in Muskoka could surely tell you, sometimes these visitors decide to never leave! Many Muskoka tourists, especially individuals from louder buzzing cities like Toronto, fall in love with the quiet charms of the serene Muskoka region before planning to make the jump to a permanent move.

If any of the above sounds like it could be you, consider making a move from Toronto to Bracebridge, Ontario.

Bracebridge is one of the most beautiful towns in the Muskoka region that has previously been voted one of the top 25 places to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine. Bracebridge is known for its charm, its culture, its history, and of course, its prime real estate.

Here’s what you should know about this stunning township and making a move from Toronto to Bracebridge.

Live in History

Located between Bracebridge Falls and Silver Bridge, Bracebridge is a town that is rich in heritage. In fact, it has previously been voted one of the ten most historic downtowns in Ontario.

Bracebridge was established as a village dating way back to 1875, before it officially acquired town status by 1889, with a small population of approximately 1600 people.

Today, Bracebridge has grown to over 16,000 permanent residents, and even more temporary ones during the peak summer season, nearly doubling in size during this time!

To see Bracebridge’s history, you need only to look around the town or take a stroll through the historic walk around Bracebridge Bay. This trail offers a 1.3km journey with ten different points of historical interest around the area.

Located in the centre of the town is the historic clock tower, which has stood since its 1914 creation by J.H. Elliott. Since then the tower was revitalized in 2015, and renovations continue to this day to keep this important part of history alive. The clock tower building now is home to boutique shops, galleries, and art studios!

Easy Commute

The drive from Bracebridge to Toronto is an easy one, taking just over two hours or so, making it the perfect place for a seasonal place to stay on weekends or to live permanently without having to uproot your family’s life too much to return back to the city for work or social engagements.

Going from Toronto to Bracebridge is also easy, as it is located directly beside provincial highway 11, a four-lane highway that connects to the 400 series.

Outside of Toronto, Bracebridge is roughly three hours to three border crossing areas and is accessible. By both bus services and by the Muskoka airport.

Commercial and Dining Options

Just because Bracebridge is in the more simplistic cottage country doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy refinement while they are here.

One of Bracebridge’s more enticing draws from those that are moving from bigger cities is that the township has a thriving commercial scene, especially in the downtown core. With many boutiques and shops, and over 40 local restaurants of all kinds, Bracebridge has no shortage of things to do while visiting or living permanently.

Many real estate opportunities for businesses exist in Bracebridge as well, making it a prime location for those not only moving but also desiring to start a new business of their own. During summer, the population of Bracebridge can double with seasonal visitors, making it an ideal place to run a seasonal or year-round business income property (see more: popular terms for home buyers).

Additionally, the Bracebridge farmers market runs every Saturday from 9:am to 1:30 pm between June and thanksgiving. Every year, the market brings a fine selection of foods, crafts, and more.

Connect with the Outdoors

Let us be honest, one of the biggest reasons people move from Toronto to Bracebridge is to experience the outdoors and connect with nature.

Bracebridge offers wide varieties of outdoor adventures, including the following:


Whether you’re looking to lay bay and enjoy the sun or dive right on into the water, there are many options of scenic beaches that Bracebridge has to offer. Some of these boats, such as Clear Lake Beach, offer to dock, while others, such as Bowyers Beach Park and Kirby’s Beach Park, offer scenic views, picnic tables, and parking.

Adventures By Water

The many lakes and rivers of the Bracebridge region offer ample opportunity for activities such as kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing, and more. Many of these bodies of water, like Ashley Lane Landing, Bert Minett Boat Launch, and Fox Point Road Boat Launch, allow you to take off on your own boating adventures in their municipal docks.

Adventures by Land

If you’re looking for more land-based natural adventures, Bracebridge is less than 30 minutes away from Arrowhead Provincial Park and an hour to Algonquin.

Bracebridge also features a grand network of trails that overlook lush forests, granite formations, and many panoramic vistas. Strawberry Point Trail, for example, spams five kilometres across woos and country lanes, providing a panoramic view of Lake Muskoka.

Homes in Bracebridge

When it comes to looking for Bracebridge real estate, potential homebuyers have their choices of prime locations for both waterfront and residential homes.

If waterfront locations are your desire, there are a large variety of cottages in Bracebridge, as well as homes to choose from, from Leech Lake, Healy Lake, Pine Lake, Lake Muskoka, and more. Meanwhile, those looking for a home in a more family-oriented residential area also have their options, with many friendly neighbourhoods, school districts, secondary schools, parks, and near recreational activities.


If you’re considering moving to Bracebridge, or any other area in Muskoka, we’d love to help you! Our team at Muskoka Real Estate has some of the best realtors in Canada, and we pride ourselves on finding the perfect home that fits each of our client’s needs. Contact us today to begin your 2022 journey to living in cottage country.