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When searching for Skeleton Lake cottages for sale, this popular lake is slightly smaller however, it carries the prestige of the larger surrounding lakes and is known for being one of the clearest lakes in Muskoka.


Skeleton Lake is one of approximately 1600 lakes in beautiful Muskoka. Sitting between Huntsville and Muskoka Lakes, Skeleton Lake is known to be one of the clearest in the region with a water clarity (or Secchi Depth) rating of 9.1m. Skeleton Lake has a unique history and is thought to have been caused by a meteorite millions of years ago, which is often a topic of conversation among locals. The shorelines are scattered with a both permanent and seasonal residents, but much of the shoreline remains natural and untouched creating a real feeling of peace and tranquility.

This gorgeous lake is home to many regattas, fishing derbies and sailing races. Skeleton Lake is a sizeable lake with several bays, points and islands, making it a great place for all water sports and activities, including sailing, water skiing, canoeing and of course swimming.

While searching for Skeleton Lake cottages, whether it be a year round home or a seasonal property, you will be delighted by the idyllic setting and the casual remoteness of this beautiful lake. It is only minutes by car to the town of Rosseau, offering the quaintness and friendliness of a small Muskoka town. Huntsville is also just a short drive away which can be compared to an urban centre offering many necessary amenities such as grocery and hardware stores, hospital & more.

When you begin your property search on Skeleton Lake, cottages with breathtaking views and scenery won’t be the only thing that you will find appealing. You will also be welcomed into the strong sense of community this lake has. Permanent and seasonal residents exhibit a real sense of pride towards the lake and its pristine waters, and strive to make it a great place to live or cottage. The Skeleton Lake Cottagers Organization is a long time running group that believes in the beauty of this lake and preserving the natural shorelines as well as the health and quality of Skeleton Lake. This group provides its members with information concerning activities on, in, and around the Lake, which may affect the quality of the area, as well as keeping members informed on potential changes that may impact property owners. When searching for the perfect Skeleton Lake cottages, consider everything that this lake has to offer such as the close-knit community, peacefulness and solitude.

For Information on water quality, boat restrictions, bubbler use, septic & well information, development, land use …and so much more, contact the Skeleton Lake Cottagers Organization

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Skeleton Lake Marina

1008 Skeleton Lake 3 Road

Utterson, ON

Boat Launches

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Skeleton Lake Association

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Shoreline Land Use Surveys collect data on shoreline vegetation, shoreline structures and the first 20 metres of land surrounding a waterbody. Refer to the Muskoka Water Web and Lake Facts.



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