The Benefits of Working with a Muskoka Realtor

August 21, 2018

The Benefits of Working with a Muskoka Realtor

Muskoka real estate agents are experts of the region — they know the area’s geography better than anyone else, know what is unique to purchasing a property in Muskoka, and are always aware of current market conditions and competitive pricing. To avoid suffering the consequences that may result when dealing with an out of town agent, choose to be represented by an agent who is both knowledgeable and local.

Knowledge of the Area

Most real estate agents in Muskoka have spent a good part of their lives in the area and because of this, offer their clients superior knowledge of the region compared to out of town agents. These agents on the other hand, have limited insight to the area and must research the lakes and communities online before actually commuting to check them out themselves. To extend, if a local agent does not know the answer to a question you may have, they can quickly find it out given their reasonable proximity. A real estate agent unfamiliar to the area may have difficulty finding your answers in a timely manner and instead will do most of their research over the phone with Muskoka agents. Local agents are also aware of the schools, services, amenities, etc. of the area and can give informed recommendations.

Market Savvy

The real estate market in different regions can be dramatically different, and it takes a local agent to understand each area’s intricacies. Most Muskoka agents are market conscious, meaning they are up-to-date with exactly how the market is doing. They can offer you statistics, such as a lake’s average sale price or a town’s average residential sale price. Also, local listing agents know how competitive pricing works in the Muskoka market. They can give you a good sense of what your property is worth based on similar properties in the region; helping you get the right amount for your property without having your property become stale by being on the market for a long period of time. Local real estate agents know the possible pitfalls associated with Muskoka real estate transactions and can help you prevent them. If you are dealing with an agent unaccustomed to the area, their knowledge of local laws may be lacking, which can lead to legal complications and unhappy buyers, sellers or both. Local agents know local agents and can get a behind the scenes perspective as to what’s coming onto the market.


Let a local expert help you make a wise investment. Here are some items unique to the Muskoka market – will your agent know what they mean?
Shore Road Allowance (SRA) and how this can affect value?
The local zoning regulations different for every municipality in Muskoka? What areas of Muskoka are permitted two-story boathouses and what frontage is required to maximize shoreline development?
How about septics and wells – does your agent know what a flow test is? Do they have an idea of what a good recovery rate on a drilled well is?
In terms of lakes, do they know which Muskoka lakes are best for future return on investment? Do they know the lakes that have high phosphorus levels and what this means for overall lake quality?
It is important to have an agent who can protect your best interests by knowing the intricacies of the area. To avoid future troubles and aggravation, work with an agent in their area of expertise.

Top Notch Referrals

If you do not use reputable companies for your renovations and needs, you may end up with complications. Local agents are more in touch with their communities and have a collection of trustworthy contacts they, themselves trust. Whether you need a contractor, landscaper or home inspector, local agents will have you covered. When out of town agents recommend other companies from outside the region, money that could have benefited the local economy leaves the area. Even if they refer someone local, chances are they are giving recommendations without prior knowledge, which can lead to more problems later on.

Better Availability

Agents that live nearby where you are trying to buy or sell can preview properties as soon as they come onto the market for you if you live out of town. They can also meet up more frequently depending on where you live. An out of town agent will not be able to see properties on short notice if they live far away which can cause your search for a house to be a slow process. Seeing your agent more often can help build a better relationship between you and your agent and gives your agent a better sense of your best interests. If your agent lives out of town and their presence is urgently needed, they are unreliable as far as being on time.

Post Transaction

Local agents are more likely to stay connected with you once your Muskoka real estate transaction has become finalized by ensuring you are continually content with your purchase. Once an out of town agent finishes representing you, they may be less inclined to maintain a relationship with you, as they live far away and out of touch. Muskoka agents are exceptionally cautious when working in their community, as their reputations follow them in the small area. Other agents may work less diligently if they know their professional reputation is not affected.

Better Economy

In Muskoka, the economy depends primarily on tourism; the summer months bring millions into local economies and power the areas in the off-season. The commision you pay a local real estate agent filters through the local economy through the way of healthcare, education, food, etc., and can improve your living conditions. Other agents working in Muskoka from different regions take whatever money they make with them when they leave; preventing local economies from prospering.


When it comes to buying or selling in Muskoka, the benefits of using a local real estate agent surely outweigh the benefits of using an out of town agent for all the reasons outlined above. Why risk anything when your money and time are involved? Happy to help you regardless of your real estate needs, The Aben Team has superior knowledge of the Muskoka area. To find out what makes them leaders in Muskoka real estate, contact them via email or call the office at 1-844-843-2236 today.