Why Making the Move From Toronto to Huntsville is on the Rise

September 21, 2021

The pandemic has given people time to sit and reflect on what is important to them. Families have spent more time in their homes than ever, allowing them to become more acutely aware of what they love about their homes as well as the downfalls and neighbourhood grievances.
This is true especially in big cities like Toronto, where daily annoyances like loud highway traffic, street racing, or just working in the tight quarters can be frustrating, considering most of these spaces still come with hefty price tags.
It seems many folks in the city have finally had enough. In 2020, Toronto reported a record population loss of over 50,000 people.
Meanwhile, real estate in Muskoka is red hot. The desire for quiet cottage life is more popular than ever. As we saw back in our July update, the Muskoka residential real estate market has been up 30% YTD since the start of 2021.
There are many great places to move in the Muskoka region, and many city-goers are looking to move from Toronto to Huntsville, Ontario, for their homes.

Why Move from Toronto to Huntsville

Huntsville is a gorgeous township in the Muskoka region that lends itself to being the perfect community for first-time homebuyers looking to make a move from the hustle and bustle of the city. Huntsville combines the charm of a small town while retaining many big-city amenities that travellers may be accustomed to.

City Living in a Small Town

Moving out to the countryside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the feeling of city life. Huntsville is the most populated town in the Muskoka district, and Huntsville residents enjoy many events such as art shows, hockey tournaments, community theatre productions, trade shows and more.
In the downtown area, those moving from Toronto to Huntsville will enjoy Main Street, as it features many great restaurants catering to every culinary experience, locally-owned shops, and wine shops, as well as many local merchants for all kinds of needs. Huntsville’s Main Street features furniture makers, clothing stores, a community theatre as well as the popular and scenic swing bridge along the North Branch of the Muskoka River.
Athletic enthusiasts will enjoy the Hidden Valley Ski Resort and Deerhurst Resort’s numerous golf courses and over 40 miles to boat and explore on some of Muskoka’s largest lakes.

There’s Natural Beauty

Another significant aspect that makes Hunstville real estate so popular is the natural landscape and scenery.
In terms of waterfront, four large lake areas surround Huntsville; Lake Vernon, Peninsula Lake, Fairy Lake and Mary Lake. Together this chain of lakes provides miles of boating and some incredibly scenic shorelines to enjoy.
If you’re feeling reserved, the smaller and more secluded lakes, like Longs Lake or Lake Waseosa, are for you.
These lakes are great for boating, swimming, or whatever activities you enjoy on the water.
Back on land, Algonquin Park and Arrowhead Park are only a short drive from Huntsville. Additionally, the Hidden Valley Ski Resort offers numerous maintained trails for both new and experienced trailblazers alike.

It’s Quiet

One of the many reasons people are going from Toronto to Huntsville, Ontario, is to escape the city’s noise. Noise pollution cannot only be disruptive to your remote workday, but it can also be dangerous to your health. Toronto.ca has posted that exposure to high levels of sounds can result in:

Life in Muskoka is different. Life here is peaceful and serene, and there are even bylaws in effect to help preserve that quiet life on the lakes.

It’s Accessible

Huntsville is accessible through multiple roadways, including highway 10, Muskoka Road 3, and Highway 60. Huntsville offers public transit service which is fully accessible for all users.

It’s Close

Huntsville is a gorgeous town located in the scenic Muskoka region, and being separated from the bustling city life, can make you forget it’s not that far away! Driving from Toronto to Huntsville is just a couple of hours, making any reasons to return to the city, be it visiting family, an important work event, or a feasible trip when required.

Many Opportunities for Seasonal and Year-Round Housing

Like most of the Muskoka region, Huntsville offers a great variety of real estate opportunities, be it a year-round home or a seasonal cottage.
When looking at Huntsville cottages for sale, it’s good to know Huntsville is a great place to call your home during any season and that the Muskoka area hosts all four seasons, with activities to do during them all. Whether it be summer water fun or winter skiing adventures, there is always something to do.

Seasonal Cottage Living

If your stay will only be a seasonal one, however, considering which season can help you decide the best area to buy. For example, summer cottage-goers would enjoy choosing a home along the 40 miles of lake access Huntsville offers, allowing closer proximity to beating the heat and enjoying the water.
Additionally, those from Toronto looking to escape the loud motor sounds of the city may be looking to keep things as quiet as possible. They may prefer to seek a region by some of the motor-restricted lakes to keep their atmosphere free of any mechanical sound, especially during the busy months.

Year-Round Housing

For those seeking year-round houses for sale in Huntsville, Ontario, there are several amenities to consider that can be important for families when choosing your perfect location.
Huntsville features quick access to wonderful services such as employment centres, senior care, and our excellent Huntsville District Memorial Hospital for any medical needs.
When it comes to your children’s education, Huntsville offers a choice of several schools from elementary schools and private schools, as well as a great high school.
Huntsville is an excellent place for children to grow, as there is an assortment of sports associations, creative clubs, and social event groups to choose from. Not to mention the abundance of open spaces in nature and growing upright on the lake for summer swimming.

In Closing

If you are considering moving from Toronto to Huntsville, or any other Muskoka region, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call and speak to us about how we can help you find either your forever home or vacation dream cottage.
We at Muskoka Real Estate love what we do, and as Muskoka homeowners ourselves, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the area and caring about our client’s needs. Whether they be from Toronto or anywhere else in the world, we want our clients to love their homes.