Why You Should Try Hosting Christmas at the Cottage This Year

December 16, 2021

Picture it – Christmas at the cottage. As the sun rises over Lake Muskoka on Christmas morning, the fresh white snowfall on the treetop’s glistens in the morning light. The cold outdoors is offset by the warmth inside the cottage. You and your family are curled by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa.

The cottage is already a special place for family and friends to bond, so it goes to stand that hosting Christmas at the cottage makes the perfect destination for the holidays. Whether you’re shaking things up for a one-of-a-kind holiday experience; or to mark the start of a new longstanding tradition, lasting memories are made at the cottage.

But, like most hosting duties, Christmas at the cottage also requires a little bit of effort. So in today’s post, we’ll be talking about a few of the many reasons that make cottage real estate in Muskoka Ontario such a great investment, plus a few helpful hosting hints to keep your holidays merry and bright.

Why the Cottage Is Great for Christmas

Enjoy the Slow, Quiet Life

Christmas time can be less than relaxing, running around to the grocery stores, the malls, and all manner of holiday events. However, Christmas at the cottage is different; leaving the city for some downtime is a great way to unwind over the holidays; think sleeping into silent outdoors, cozying up by the fire, and of course, having a white Christmas. Winter in Muskoka is known for copious snowfall, which may be a welcome improvement over the grimy slush covering the city’s sidewalks.

The cottage life allows you to take a deep breath, destress, and spend your holiday time in a way that you can enjoy.

Picture Perfect Christmas

If you’re looking for that picture-perfect Christmas, look no further than the Muskoka region. Whether it’s one of the many lakes the region is home to or the snow-covered trees, the area is known for its picturesque beauty. Many trails in the region are maintained for winter as well, allowing you to further immerse yourself with nature during your holiday getaway.

Wide Range of Winter Activities

Speaking of trails, this leads us to our next point. One of the best things about having your holidays spent in Muskoka is that there are tons to do here during the winter. While your idea of holiday peace may be nothing more than curling up by the fire with a book and hot cocoa, we know that this may not always be the case, especially if you have children!

Fortunately, Muskoka offers a wide range of seasonal activities, such as ski hills, skating rinks, tubing, fat-tire biking, dog sledding, snowshoes, hockey, ice fishing, and more!

The area is also unique for having skating trails, which takes all the joy of skating out of the closed-off rink and puts them through maintained ice trails through the vibrant nature of Muskoka. Arrowhead Park in Huntsville even features the longest man-made ice-skating trail in Ontario!

Christmas on Your Terms

Hosting Christmas at the cottage allows you to celebrate the holidays on your terms. For some, this means being able to host in a larger space for extended family to all come, rather than trying to cram everyone into a smaller size space of a city apartment; just look at some of these spacious and private cottage for sale in Muskoka.

On the flip side, removing yourself from the city to spend time in the more remote cottage region is a great excuse to avoid potentially unwanted holiday obligations. With all the open space, great outdoors, there is an ample range of activities available; Christmas at the cottage is sure to be a great place for hosting the holidays in a way that works best for you and your family’s needs.

Tips for Making the Perfect Cottage Christmas

Make Sure Your Cottage Is Winter-Proofed

While Christmas at the cottage can be as great as it sounds, some preparation should be considered to allow things to keep the holiday cheer alive and well.

As previously mentioned, the cottage life moves slower. This means there can be longer delays for things like online orders for Christmas presents, home services like fireplace repair, and getting replacement food items delivered to your door may not be as ideal as back in the city. Thus, before it comes time for your holiday getaway, it’s best to always make a preparation list of everything you’re going to need beforehand – and don’t forget to check it twice.

If you’re a cottage owner, there’s also a multitude of things you can do to prepare your cottage for winter. This can include clearing any paths and driveways, breaking down large icicles to prevent injury, and ensuring the efficiency of heating and plumbing. Don’t forget to make sure there are no new structural weak points for outdoor wildlife that have sprung up over the year, especially with yummy holiday foods lying about!

Be Prepared for Your Guests

If you’re hosting extended family or friends at the cottage this year, be sure to prepare for these extra guests as well. Besides having your driveway cleared, it’s a good idea to have a clear marker at the entrance of your property so any guests coming in separate from you can quickly identify the entrance to your place, especially if it’s more remote!

Secondly, be prepared to stock up on extra supplies such as napkins and toilet paper, as running out to the store may not be as easily achieved during the holidays. Secondly, if possible, prepare extra items such as beds, blankets, and pillows; in case the weather outside turns frightful and any daytime visiting guests need to spend the night.

Suppose you are throwing a late-night holiday party at the cottage. In that case, you should also be familiar with potential noise bylaws in the area, as some neighbourhoods may require quieter conditions after certain hours.

Looking for the Perfect Christmas Muskoka Cottage?

If you’re looking for the perfect cottage to call your own this holiday season, Muskoka Real Estate is here for you. Contact us today if you’re looking to buy a property for the holiday season or any other season!

Happy holidays!